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on all official Lamda Pro CS servers!
Donations keep our servers alive and our players happy :)
NOTE: Custom donation amount if you just want to support us

Guaranteed activation within 24 hours

Instant activation via WhatsApp: +919599477085 or via Discord Server : Click to Join

(Unable to get access still ? Read FAQ here! Else contact on any mediums mentioned in bottom of page)


Compare all privileges and choose below to get access:
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Privilege PlayerRegistered UserVIPAdminSuper Admin
In-Game Nametag
gameME Stats Security
Nickname reservation
Guns Menu
Show Damage
@ HUD Chat command
Colored Textchat
Slot reservation
Spectator ESP
Vote map
Kick/Ban Immunity
Slap/Slay Immunity
Full Immunity
Nickname Registration [?]
reset data
Select your Privilege:
Please register above first to proceed
Easy method to BUY Admin/VIP privileges for Indian Residents!
Just Paytm to this number: +919599477085

Check Admin/VIP prices on server or just WhatsApp on same number to know latest offers.
(Note: Only wallet to wallet transfer via Paytm Application accepted)

Paytm QR Code
Paytm scan code
SMS Boost for VIP/Admin
- SMS Price: n/a
- VIP: 1x Boost = 7 Days; 2x = 14 Days; 3x = 28 Days;
- Admin: 4x Boost in a Month;
- Super Admin: 7x Boost in a Month;
Mandatory rules to obey after paying for Unban

1.) Once you pay to get unbanned, you will lose all privileges, except for nickname registration. You'll need to buy VIP/Admin again if you want them back.

2.) You will not, under any circumstances, be able to buy Super Admin again after you've payed to get unbanned.

3.) Any disrespect/foul behaviour after unban payment towards any member/player of the Lamda Pro CS Community OR usage of any kind of cheat will once again result in a permanent ban, which may only be lifted by starting the whole unban payment process again. Please select the appropriate payment option ("Second time" or "Final time") in this case.

4.) It's strictly prohibited to violate any rules mentioned in the following threads:
Admin Rules (Disciplinary)
Admin Rules (Conventional)

Registration FAQ

How long does it take to activate my Registration?

Activation will be done within 24 hours. If you don't want to wait just contact via WhatsApp/Steam/Discord mentioned in bottom of page and get activated instantly!


Why should I register my Nickname?

You don't need to! But doing so prevents other players from using your Nickname on our servers, so make sure to claim your desired Nickname for just $0.25 without an expiry date.
It's saved for lifetime in our database!


Swarm/avenger server players only , if unable to get access to privileges then must send below details on contact infos mentioned in page bottom :-

Nick : (Exactly , what you use on server)
IP : (Open your browser , google "ip" and send us that)
Steam ID : (Open In-game console ,while on swarm server and type status to get your SteamID and send us that)
Password : (As mentioned in payment).


I donated and I'm activated, but I don't have any privileges when joining a server!

You have to activate your previously set password so we can make sure it's you. Run Counter-Strike, open the Console and type in:
setinfo _pw yourpassword
Replace yourpassword with your actual password, then press Enter to activate your account.
Now connect to any official Lamda server to enjoy your new privileges!


I don't know what to do, this isn't working. Help! :(

Visit our Forum Shoutbox or contact +919599477085 via WhatsApp to get help regarding any issue you have. We're glad to help you.









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