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on all official Lamda Pro CS servers!
Donations keep our servers alive and our players happy :)
NOTE: Custom donation amount if you just want to support us

Guaranteed activation within 24 hours

Instant activation via WhatsApp: +919599477085 or via Discord Server : Click to Join

(Unable to get access still ? Read FAQ here! Else contact on any mediums mentioned in bottom of page)

Compare all privileges and choose below to get access:
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Exclusive Swarm Guns PlayerRegistered UserVIPAdminSuper Admin
Knife Machete
Skull AXE
Shooting Star (Deagle)
Balrog Deagle
Thanatos-1 (Deagle)
Dual Infinity (Elite)
MP5 K1ases
M249 Paragun Plasma
Pipe Bomb (SG)
Big Parachute
In-Game Nametag
gameME Stats Security
Nickname reservation
Show Damage
@ HUD Chat command
Colored Textchat
Vote map
Kick/Ban Immunity
Slap/Slay Immunity
Full Immunity
Nickname Registration [?]
reset data
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SMS Payment
VIP Access
Admin Access
Prestige Powers comparison
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Power 1 Prestige144 Prestige522 Prestige
Speed270 units310 units350 units
Respawn Chance10%30%50%
Health+20 HP+60 HP+100 HP
HP Regeneration1 HP/sec3 HP/sec5 HP/sec
Bonus XP+10 XP+30 XP+50 XP
HE Regenerate+1/132sec+1/108sec+1/60sec
K1Asus Claws+2+6+10
Supply Power2006001000
Iron Skin+20 AP+60 AP+100 AP
Faster Shoot1.2x1.6x2.0x
Death Explosion100 Dmg300 Dmg500 Dmg
Fall Damage-20%-60%-100%
Force Field Time+5sec+15sec+25sec
Pipe Radius+10%+30%+50%
Extra XP60 XP/min180 XP/min300 XP/min
SG Regeneration+1/132sec+1/108sec+1/60sec

NOTE: Please insert only ONE of these:
Nickname, Steam ID or IP, depending on where you save your Level/XP on.

SMS Payment

NOTE: Please send a Message containing your Nickname and Phone Number to raandy25 or via E-Mail to [email protected] so we can identify your payment easily.

If you have any issues:
Swarm Server Help Thread

SMS Boost for VIP/Admin
(for Swarm Servers only)
- SMS Price: n/a
- VIP: 1x Boost = 7 Days; 2x = 14 Days; 3x = 28 Days;
- Admin: 4x Boost in a Month;
- Super Admin: 7x Boost in a Month;
Registration FAQ

How long does it take to activate my Registration?

Activation will be done within 24 hours. If you don't want to wait just contact via WhatsApp/Steam/Discord mentioned in bottom of page and get activated instantly!


Why should I register my Nickname?

You don't need to! But doing so prevents other players from using your Nickname on our servers, so make sure to claim your desired Nickname for just $0.25 without an expiry date.
It's saved for lifetime in our database!


Swarm/avenger server players only , if unable to get access to privileges then must send below details on contact infos mentioned in page bottom :-

Nick : (Exactly , what you use on server)
IP : (Open your browser , google "ip" and send us that)
Steam ID : (Open In-game console ,while on swarm server and type status to get your SteamID and send us that)
Password : (As mentioned in payment).


I donated and I'm activated, but I don't have any privileges when joining a server!

You have to activate your previously set password so we can make sure it's you. Run Counter-Strike, open the Console and type in:
setinfo _ad yourpassword
Replace yourpassword with your actual password, then press Enter to activate your account.
Now connect to any official Lamda server to enjoy your new privileges!


I don't know what to do, this isn't working. Help! :(

Visit our Forum Shoutbox or contact +919599477085 via WhatsApp to get help regarding any issue you have. We're glad to help you.









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